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I just wanted to greet you, dear reader, and say a few words about my plans for this blog and my motivation for starting it. The idea to build a blog has been somewhere in the back of my head for a long time (because another blog is what the world needs the most at the moment, am I right?) but I never had time or energy to set it up. With the quarantine, however, I have found some spare time on my hands, saved on commuting, and here we are. Now, you might ask, why go through all the trouble of setting up a standalone web-site for a simple blog while there are plenty of blogging platforms out there. Well, there are a few reasons for that and the main one is because I wanted to apply my knowledge and experience to build a lightweight, minimalistic, accessible, and performant site and maybe learn a thing or two in the process. I was curious about new tools that became available lately and wanted to try some of them.

Another reason is all blogging platforms that I know of either show ads or have some other problems and even if there was some platform that wasn't so bad, in the end, there's still one fundamental advantage to host your blog yourself and it's the ownership and complete control over your content. If you post something on any of such platforms, however good the platform might be, ultimately you are not in charge of the content - one day they can delete it if they don't like it, I think you get my point.

So for the past month, I've been tinkering with this after work (or sometimes in between work) and finally reached a point when I thought it was complete enough so I could start adding some content and show it to the world while continuing to work on the improvements in the background. As you can see, the blogging in itself is not the main reason why this site exists, and potentially it could be a place where I'd showcase some of my work, sort of an e-portfolio if you like, where the blog would be just a part of it. I don't know yet whether it's going to be a purely technical blog or I'm going to write about all kinds of stuff - I don't have plans for future posts or anything like that except for one. In the next post, I want to describe what technologies I used for this site, where it's hosted, the reasoning behind decisions that I made on choosing this or that technology, and there's a couple of really cool things that I can't wait to share on this topic, so I'm excited about that.

Alright, see you soon.


I like the UI, it's very minimalistic and refreshing 😊

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